What are the Credit Tradelines on your Credit Report?

Tradeline is a record of credit activities extended to a borrower and is reported to credit reporting agencies. The tradeline is usually established on a borrower credit report when the borrower is approved for the credit. A tradeline records all the activities which are associated with the account.

Tradelines are usually used by the credit reporting companies to calculate the credit score. Different credit report agencies provide different weights to the trade lines activities. Tradelines describe accounts that are listed on your credit report. There is a separate tradeline, which includes information about the debt and the creditor.

What are Credit Tradelines on your Credit Report?

For every revolving and credit installment account you have, there is a tradeline for it on your credit report. The revolving tradeline will include all the credit cards and the credit line, whereas installment tradelines will include loans, for instance, auto loan, mortgage, personal loan, and student loan. A CPN tradeline comprises all the information about your account –

Lender name and address
Account type
Partial account number
Account current status
Account open date
Account close date
Last activity date
Current balance
Loan amount
Monthly payments
Recent balance
Payment history

All this information helps you to see all relevant information about your credit card account in the one place. Tradeline information provided by the lender, is the most recent or updated information on your account. You might be able to see some variation in the information between the tradelines.

Uses of Tradeline

The information majorly provided on your tradelines is used to calculate your credit score. A credit score is a summary of your creditworthiness. The lender can check the tradeline on your credit score to gather maximum information.

If you are not up to the mark with the credit account, then a lender might check the tradeline to track out for how long your account is delinquent. If your credit score dips due to a high utilization rate, then a creditor can determine whether you are at credit risk by checking the balance.

What will happen if you are removed from a tradeline?

If you’re an authorized user tradelines on a credit card, then you can easily remove or choose to remove yourself from the account. The tradeline will not appear on your report. If the tradeline has positive information on it, it will boost up your credit score, and the removal will negatively impact your card score. Contrary, it can also help the credit score if your account has a high utilization rate. You can also ask to remove the tradeline if it was created falsely. Removing the tradeline is suitable for a credit card as you will get rid of any unauthorized account, which may have false or negative information attached with it.

The CPN tradeline on your credit report gives the wealth information to you and the lender. You must check the credit report regularly to make sure the information contained on your tradeline is legitimate and accurate.

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