Know-How to Get a CPN Number

A bad credit score can lead you to face plenty of challenges in terms of credits and a lot more. So, when you come to know about the CPN number that it helps in getting a new credit history, then it would seem like a ray of hope for you. Right? But is it true? After accomplishing our study on the CPN numbers, we have come up with the ideal answers to a few commonly asked questions. In this blog post, we have rounded up everything you need to know about CPN numbers. So, let’s start with basic, what CPN number is.

What is the CPN Number?

A Credit Privacy Number or CPN is a nine-digit identifying number that is the best alternative to the Social Security Number (SSN). CPN helps in protecting your privacy on credit documents. Sometimes, people call CPN as SCN (Secondary Credit Numbers) or sometimes, Credit Profile Numbers & Consumer Protection Numbers.

When SSNs are linked to a lot of personal information, then a positive shift in the usage of CPNs has been noticed among govt officials and well-renowned celebs. Because of the excess disclosure of personal information, people prefer CPN instead of SSNs.

The SSA (Social Security Administration) is the source for all SSNs, whereas IRS (Internal Revenue Service) is the source of all Employer Identification Numbers (EINs). All these organizations do not issue CPNs.

How to Get CPN Numbers?

The majority of people asked the question, “how do I get CPN numbers ?” If you are also on the same hunt, then the truth is that there is no legal way to obtain a CPN. Because this number is not issued or regularized by government agencies, so it can’t be easily obtained. The only way to generate a CPN number is to purchase a stolen or SSNs on the black market. It may sound a little disturbing, but that’s the only way to obtain the CPN number.

No matter if the legitimate credit repair agencies companies are selling CPN numbers, this practice will be considered as fraudulent. SSN is a government identifying number, but at the same time, the government doesn’t sell these numbers. Some credit repair companies or other businesses follow distinct ways to sell you an EIN (Employer Identification Number) along with a promise that EIN is a legal form of CPNs. But that’s not true. Using EIN in place of SSN is not a legitimate way to improve your credit score.

So, what’s the purpose behind issuing EINs? According to the IRS, “EINs are issued for tax administration and are not intended for participation in any other activities.” One can take loans with their EINs but cannot use it as an alternate SSN for a personal loan.

Businesses get attracted to the SSN with a thought that it can improve their credit ratings, but it is not as easy as it seems. IRS issue a new SSN only iF-

Sequential SSNs assigned to members of the same family are causing problems.
More than one person is assigned or is using the same SSN.
A victim of identity theft is having issues because of the use of the original SSN.
Someone is being harassed, abused, or their life is in danger.
You have religious or cultural objections to numbers or digits in your original SSN.

Final Thoughts

People who want to benefit from a CPN, then they can get it from the Social Security Administration Office without paying any cost. But, you cannot buy a legal CPN on the internet to improve your credit score or credit ratings. You can get more information on it by going to several websites or particularly at their official website.

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